Calls for Workshops & Sessions

Apart from thematic sessions based on our concept of topics and participants submissions, we would like to invite you to active participation in the event and to plan and organize your own session and/or workshop.

In this workshops/sessions, the focus shifts from presentation of results to synthesis and new ideas. The goal is to bring together, often multidisciplinary, the knowledge within a specific research area and explore new challenges and opportunities.

We propose two possible formats listed below, although you are not limited to select only one from our suggestions. You can  choose from:

    based on an introduction, the audience is engaged in a moderated discussion or collaborative exercise. The main target in this format is to come to consensus, to probe for opinions/interest or to propose a novel approach. Typical examples are STC meetings, public meetings for large international projects, presentations on new solutions to e.g. analytical or ventilation problems with companies involvement,
    the conveners invite a number of experts to share their different takes on a topic. Here, the state of the art is consolidated and a strong foundation for new research is formed. This event might be organized as typical thematic session (although by invitation and convener responsibility) or as panel discussion, that is discussion of invited expert and participants from the audience.

For more information please see the relevant documents.

Call for workshops/session

Workshop/session proposal template

Proposals should be sent via e-mail directly to the Organization Committee